Ways to boost weak mobile signal
By Booster Shop India-At 2.02.2017

If you are experiencing issues with your mobile signal then you have landed on the right page. In this post, you’ll be learning about how you can overcome the problem of weak mobile signals. Mentioned below are the things you can do in order to boost your mobile signal and get better signal connection:

Wi-Fi calling

If you are facing issues with the mobile coverage and you resides in area where signal strengths next to zero then you can go for Wifi calling instead of normal mobile calling. With Wi-Fi calling you can make a phone call which uses the internet instead of the mobile phone network.
Wifi calling is not supportable in all phones, your mobile phone must be compatible and must have wifi calling features. If it doesn't have that then you can opt to use Skype which is available for most phones and it’s absolutely free.

For making a skype call you have to sign up and create an account.

Alternatives of skype:
  • Whatsapp calling
  • Messenger calling
  • Facetime for Iphone users
  • Viber

But with wifi calling you cannot expect other person to stay connected or have connection to broadband internet service or connection to wifi.

Switch networks

You know if you want you can anytime switch your mobile network from one service provider to another and still have the same number. This may be an extreme steps because plans and coverage may differ.

Mobile signal booster or mobile network booster

It is accepted that it is not easy for anyone to start using wifi calling instead of normal phone calling because you won’t be a pro at using what you use and it you are having problem with your mobile network coverage then there is a high probability that you might also be having the same with the wifi network. Moreover, you might also not always be willing to change your service provider.

One of most easiest way to boost your mobile signal is use a mobile signal booster. But you have to be extra careful while buying one because you might ended up getting a wrong one.

Meaning thereby, you should know what to buy and how to choose the best one before opting to buy a mobile signal booster or mobile network booster. There are multiple option available in the market but not all are licensed and original. You can approach one of your mobile provider to help you with a signal booster but sometimes they tend not to be a help instead they will give you some not so good advice and might ended up asking you to change your mobile or service provider. Some of these devices create a mobile signal by using your home broadband, while others repeat a weak signal.

Depending on your needs, you choose the from the following options available at Booster Shop India. The products listed at this website is licensed and certified. The devices are designed for boosting but will work anywhere with poor signal.